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The best logistics services.

Five business segments, one goal; the best logistics services for our customers.

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Road transports

FSN Transport


Road transports in Northern Europe. Main traffic area is Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark!

The modern fleet ables us to provide more cost efficient road transports.

Professional, service-minded and motivated personnel is ready for new challenges. We continually train our professionals to follow the latest standards and legislation.

All these acts with professionals and new fleet ensures, that we generate low carbon foot print also in the future.

  • Gross weight 68 tons.

  • Cargo spaces over 150m3



Warehousing with value-added services

FSN Terminal


High-quality warehousing services with integrated product handling and quality- and safety demands as required. We offer modern warm and could storage facilities up to 5 000 square meters are at disposal. Modern equipment offers our customers possibility to store all kind of products.

Rail yards in Finland and Sweden are suitable for storage and material handling as well. Our professional service-minded personnel is able to adapt in our customers data- and quality systems. We are utilizing modern data systems and some modern software for the transportation industry.

We offer our customers competitive and efficient transport and storage solutions 365/7/24 in excellent location.

Service centered warehousing is a benefit for our customers.

Warehouse is geared high-performance, flexible distribution infrastructure. Value-added services; ticketing, labeling, kitting, maintenance that enable movement of ready goods to the customer.

Seasonal storage. Multi-client warehouse that can serve your network for unusual demand spikes. Operaiting under short-term contracts, you pay only for the space and labor you use. No fixed costs!

We serve your storage needs.
Please contact us.

  • Rail yards in both Finland and in Sweden, with suitability of for storage and material handling.
  • Custom terminal option
  • Efficient storage and transport solutions 24/7.
  • Offering also tailored value-add services, including distribution and packaging services and crossdocking-services.



Intermodal transports

FSN Team


Rail connections

FSN Team use multiple track width in Finland and Sweden at our rail yards. Team provides our customers rail traffic to east and west, container loadings, un loadings and transfers. Our services are operated cost-effiency, reliable, safe with service oriented personell.

We provide combo transports rail+road, minimize the driven distance and with our great professionals achieve savings for our customers.

In rail yards in Finland 0,7 hectares and in Sweden 0,5 hectares, we offer multiple track width. Storage facilities are available at both rail yards.

Air freight services

Team offers full range of airfreight services. We serve in export. import, air charter service, heavy- and over-sized packages, dangerous or hazardous goods and courier service.

Sea freight services

Team offers you a full range of services. Every step of the process is handled for our customers from booking your shipment to final delivery at destination. The team have strong relationships with our partners to provide best solution to fulfill your shipment needs.

We are able to seek the best and cost-effective alternative, whether it is for FCL-LCL or break bulk cargo.

  • Air-, rail- and sea freight services
  • Projects
  • Two track widths
  • Excilent location
  • Own rail yards in Finland and Sweden
  • Good endorsement loading facilities



Moving-, installation and distribution service

FSN Home


FSN Home have service concept for private- and commercial removals (domestic and abroad) installations for appliances , furniture, office furniture, retail equipments and furniture etc. Our customers are served in distribution, courier services 24/7.

FSN Home operates mainly in western and northern parts of Finland. Our terminals are located in TornioHaparanda, Oulu and Seinäjoki.

Our fleet consist 10 trucks for distribution traffic and personnel from 10 to 35 professionals.

  • Distribution
  • Removals domestic and aboard
  • Instalation services
  • Lainalaatikko boxes for rent
  • Home + services
  • Courier services


Value added services. We provide contract logistics.

FSN Logistics


FSN Logistic in an extension of your business. We make sure we understand your industry so that we can anticipate your requirements and act rapidly and effectively.

Enabling an information-driven thru supply chain and develop knowledge in management services.

We serve you in following areas of logistics; inbound, outbound, in-house, supply chain, industry, packing and after sales.



FSN Thermo


The refrigeration of the cargo hold meets high food-quality transport requirements. The double-deck system maximises load capacity with easy access via side opening units. Our equipment has been designed to meet the varied demands of all your transport requirements.
  • Transport capacity 102 euro pallets per transport unit
  • Modern monitoring systems of thermo units
  • FRC and FNA classified cargo holds




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